The ProFly™ Tarp Hits the Road | Van Life with Authentic Asheville

Be prepared for any weather with our ProFly Rain Tarp. Our friends, Erin and Caroline of Authentic Asheville showed us how the ProFly fits into their life on the road.
The ProFly™ Tarp Hits the Road | Van Life with Authentic Asheville

Documented by Authentic Asheville

One Tarp, Many Uses

We recently caught up with Erin and Caroline of Authentic Asheville to have them show us how they use their ProFly Rain Tarp. As with many other van lifers, there’s a rule that everything that gets packed in their van must have two purposes. The ProFly Rain Tarp falls into that dual-purpose category. 


Two women sit together in a hammock under the protection of the ProFly Tarp


The ProFly can be used to provide protection from the elements while relaxing in an ENO hammock, and it can also be rigged to work with their camper van to provide shade on sunny days. Their van is not tall enough to stand up in, so lots of activities like cooking, making coffee, and hanging out happen outside of the van. The tarp protects from less-than-ideal weather and provides a layer of privacy. 


A woman picks up a cooler outside of her camper van under the protection of the ProFly Tarp

Note that the tarp attached to the van in these photos is not meant to be load-bearing and is strictly to provide relief from the sun/rain. Each van may be different with how you can utilize and attach the tarp. 


“The ProFly Rain Tarp is quick and easy to set up," Erin said. "We love that it packs down small and doesn’t take up much space in our van. It’s quickly made its way into our list of must-haves for all road trips.” 


A woman throws the ProFly stuff sack into the air outside of their camper van.


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