How Hammocking Led to Love

ENO content creator, Libby Swegheimer, shares how her ENO hammocks played a crucial role in her relationship with her girlfriend over the past 7 years.
How Hammocking Led to Love

Written and Documented by Libby Swegheimer

ENO DoubleNest Hammock — My Unexpected Wingman

Rewind 7 years and you’ll find 18-year-old-me walking into summer camp with my pillow, piggy blanket, and brand new ENO DoubleNest hammock hanging from my backpack. I was ready to compete in games, eat crappy camp food, and meet some new friends. Little did I know, one of those new friends would end up becoming the most important person in my life— Maddi. Over the next few days, we spent time adventuring, laughing, and sharing our life experiences with one another. It was unbelievable how similar our stories were. 

One night, a group of us were up late talking and I discovered that NONE of the girls in my cabin had heard of ENO before! I couldn’t believe it. My hammock went with me on every adventure and was used weekly in my life. It became my mission to get them all to try out my hammock! We snuck outside and stayed up until the early morning taking turns sharing my DoubleNest hammock. From that weekend on, almost every time Maddi and I were together, we’d bring my hammock. From quick coffee runs, picnics in the park, stargazing, and car camping in my Subaru with Twilights Camp Lights— my ENO gear was always our third wheel.


A girl sits in the back of a Subaru while on her laptop.


After 3 years of best-friendship and endless adventures, our relationship had slowly shifted and grown into something greater. The more time we spent together, the less we wanted to be apart. We eventually realized that all of those trips, hikes, picnics, and espresso drinks enjoyed in the hammock had led us to falling in love. 


A couple takes a selfie while hammocking together in the park. 

We didn’t have the easiest coming out journey, and found respite doing the same things that made us fall in love: hammocking. Time spent hanging out under the night skies or above the rolling hills in our small town helped us find peace during those hard times. If we hadn’t had those precious moments, I don’t know how we would’ve made it out as happy and healthy as we did. To this day, we still run to our hammocks when needing to escape stress or when needing some peace and relaxation.


A couple gives a kiss on the cheek while sharing a DoubleNest Hammock  A couple shares a hammock in the woods


Hammocking in the beautiful outdoors with your favorite person is something that I find irreplaceable and completely priceless. It’s where we built the love, peace, and freedom that we deserve and I know that it will always be our favorite escape together. 


Author Bio

Based out of Ohio, Libby gets excited by traveling to new places to find spots to hike, thrift, drink coffee and take film pictures with her girlfriend. When she's not on the move, she's a full time freelance film/digital photographer and videographer working hard to build her business and meet new people.

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