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Even though the days are getting longer, the nights are dark and lacking fun LEDs. Light up your evening with our re-designed Twilights! What’s new about this generation of Twilight Camp Lights?
Man hanging in his hammock at night with green LED string lights hanging over him

Seven Ways to Use the ENO Twilight

Even though the days are getting longer, the nights are dark and lacking fun LEDs. Light up your evening with our re-designed Twilights! What’s new about this generation of Twilight Camp Lights?

  • Sleek new design
  • 3 Different color options
  • Lighter in weight
  • Uses AAA batteries
  • Water Resistant

So show us your stuff ENOpians! We want to see how you light up the night.

Here are some ideas to get started:

1) Decorate Your Stuff: Next time you head to your favorite festival, whether you’re toting around your kids or your festival toys, wrap the Twilights around your wagon, stroller, or backpack. It’s a great way to keep an eye on your things from afar when you’re dancing and the members of your group can spot you in a crowd.

2) Light Up Your Hammock: Light up your hammock! This is a clear thing to do with the Twilights and for good reason. Whether you camping or just chilling in the evening, the ambiance of the Twilights is the perfect mood setter. Of course, setup is super easy because the Twilights are the exact length of the hammock. You’re welcome!

3) Create a Party Outfit: Wear them on yourself. Why not, right? With such a compact design, just stick the battery pack in your pocket and wrap your lights around your torso and shoulders. Going out to a crowded event at night with a “wanderer” in your crew? Wrap them up, light them up. Plus it brings smiles to everyone you pass.

4) Spruce Up the Back Yard: Forget extension cords running through your backyard. The cordless battery powered Twilights are a cinch to set up on the swing set, tree branch, or along your patio. With 72 hours of continuous burn time, you could throw one heck of a backyard party.

5) Add Pizazz to your Dorm Room: The endless challenge of trying to spruce up your 10×10 foot space and plain white walls can soon be over. Turn on your Twilights, turn off the fluorescents–and bam–your room is the place to be. Really though, the Twilights are great for dorm rooms because they don’t take up any of your outlet real estate and add just the right glow to put you in the mood to study for that chemistry test.

6) Make a Festive Pet Collar: Don’t leave your furry ENOpians out of the loop. Of course, use common sense when lighting up your pet with 10 feet of 23 LED lights; but think of the photo possibilities! Let them be a rockstar for a while.

7) Make a Perfect Camp Site: Now only weighing 4oz, there is no excuse to leave your Twilights behind on your next camping trip. They can even be a safety precaution to mark your campsite in the night so you don’t lose any campers during a fire wood run. Also a great way to attract other festive campers in the forest, if they happen to be ENOpians, tell them we said “hey”!

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