ENO Hammocks Partners with World Champion Disc Golfer Paige Pierce

World champion disc golfer, Paige Pierce, travels 9 months of the year competing in tournaments, traveling across the country in her built-out van. She's developed an affinity for ENO and takes her DoubleNest on her travels to provide a comfortable space to rest and relax between tournaments.
Paige Pierce throws a disc into the goal while disc golfing.

Created in collaboration with Paige Pierce 

An Ace of a Partnership with ENO

We are so excited to announce our official partnership with world champion disc golfer, Paige Pierce.

Disc golf has taken Paige all over the world, allowing her to travel nine months of the year to compete in tournaments in her built-out van. In Paige's off time, she returns to her Florida home base where she enjoys live music, time with family and friends, hanging with her puppy, and lots of time outdoors and near the water.

One of our favorite things about Pierce is her affinity for ENO hammocks. Her hammock has traveled far and wide to provide her with a comfortable space to rest and relax between tournaments.


Disc Golfer Paige Pierce relaxes in an ENO DoubleNest Hammock


Get to Know Paige, 20 Questions Style:

1. How did you first become interested in disc golf, and how did that grow over time into becoming a professional? 

A: I loved to throw behind my dad and his friends as they would play league rounds. I enjoyed the freedom of being outside and being creative through flight. I started to realize I was getting better and better and enjoyed the challenge of trying to find the perfect angle of release.

2. What outdoor activities do you enjoy outside of disc golf?

A: I love any activity outside, and preferably to be by the water. Watching either the currents in the water or the breeze blowing through the trees is so calming to me. Another thing I love is going to live music with friends. This is something that is absolutely transformational. Feeling the energy of the crowd all come together in song and dance… there is nothing more unifying. And I personally think this is exactly what we need as a society.

3. How did you first discover ENO?

A: On a camping trip I saw some smiling faces gathered under some beautiful live oaks. Some of them were slacklining, some were playing games, and others were resting in their colorful hammocks. Seemed like the perfect place to be!


Paige Pierce walks through a park while holding her discs with an ENO hammock and goal in the background.


4. What do disc golf and hammocking have in common?

A: Simply put, nature! I love that both present you with the opportunity of getting outside and have a unique day. To me, there is nothing better than breaking out of your routine and experiencing something new.

5. Tell us about your lifestyle of traveling and competing in tournaments? How does hammocking/ENO gear fit into your on-the-go lifestyle?

A: I travel most of the year competing every weekend at the highest level of competitions which is very stressful. In downtime after a round or on an off day, I really enjoy decompressing in the shade and staring up at the leaves of a tree while in my ENO. It always leads to thoughts of amazement and gratitude.


Paige Pierce lays in an ENO DoubleNest hammock while petting her dog sitting beside her.


6. What is your favorite piece of ENO gear, and how do you like to use it?

A: Definitely the DoubleNest Hammock, I enjoy the swaying feeling while two trees are supporting you. Also very nice to have enough room to have my partner and/or my puppy be able to join!

7. What’s your favorite 12oz beverage to keep close in the stuff sack stash pocket in our DoubleNest and SingleNest hammocks?

A: Oh, this really depends on the day, but I would say more often than most would be coconut water, so refreshing!

8. What are you currently listening to?

A: Listen to some of my favorite tunes on Spotify

9. What is your favorite tournament-day meal/snack?

A: I love to wake up and drink some Oats Overnight, perfect because if I don’t finish before my round I can bring them along and drink on the go! After the tournament, my meal is a variety of everything we have in our fridge, like a little van life tapas plate. Hummus, carrots, bell peppers, olives, avocado, kimchi, nuts, and maybe a wrap of some sort. My mouth is already watering!


Paige Pierces enjoys a stack with her partner, Alyssa, while eating in their van.


10. What's the best piece of advice you have ever received?

A: You miss all of the shots you do not take. AND practice until you can not get it wrong, not until you just get it right.

11. How do you like to spend an off-day?

A: During the day we will typically find a dog-friendly hiking trail nearby and get our legs moving and eyes wandering! After a day of hiking, we will typically eat a nice big meal outside of the vans and then find a spot to listen to some live music.


A ray of light hits the camera lens to create a rainbow over the waterfall.


12. Favorite place you have traveled?

A: Koh Samui, Thailand sticks out to me big time. The first time I went was in conjunction of a disc golf event, but we booked the tickets for 4 weeks so we could spend some of the offseason there. Riding scooters around this 88 miles island with only two stop lights, having no service, and no agenda other than finding the next amazing street food… ah so freeing!

13. What’s your #1 van-life rule? What’s your van’s name?

A: Hmm… this is a tough question because living van life is kind of a rules-free zone. Living and traveling in "Vanna Kendrick" has shown me that the only rule you need is to live however and wherever you want. And to feel free to live at your own pace!

14. What is your most-used emoji?

Probably 😜 and 🥰!

15. What is your proudest achievement professionally?

A: I would have to say winning my first World Title at 19 years old. This showed me that I was more capable and talented than I even thought. I thought I was good, but this really gave me the confidence to know I could be the best!

16. What do you keep in your game-day bag?

A: Besides my go-to discs and a few backups that I may need, I always keep a few other things in my bag. Things like chapstick, extra hair ties, towels, snacks, rangefinder, chalk bag, and probably some puppy treats and poo bags haha.


Paige Pierce throws a disc with her backpack sitting next to her.  Paige Pierce reaches into her open backpack to pull out a disc.


17. How many discs do you own?

A: Probably around 200-300. This is a small amount for a disc enthusiast actually, but (up until the last couple of months) living in a van I haven’t had a space to store and collect too many!

18. What advice would you give to someone interested in learning to disc golf?

A: Do not be afraid of not being perfect. Even top pros have not perfected the flight of the disc. I have seen new players grab a disc and expect to master it instantly and then be disappointed when they do not throw it as intended. It takes time and an understanding of the physics of flight to make it fly straight and flat. If you are a competitive and driven person I know you will love the challenge and get addicted to trying to do better!


Paige Pierce relaxes in a hammock while at a park, looking at a city skyline.


19. Tell us one of your favorite memories with your ENO gear.

A: Laying in a hammock triangle watching my friend James put on a light-up juggling performance. It was a new moon so it was darker than normal. All we could see were the balls traveling magically through the air as we laughed in amazement!

20. Having such a busy, active lifestyle, how do you like to rest and recharge? Why is that important?

A: Oh man, in recent years I have really come to understand how much decompressing helps me to find balance. Being on the go constantly and competing at such a high level creates stress, so to be able to take some down time to recharge is crucial to provide me with enough energy and drive to give it my all again at the next event.

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