Meet ENO Ambassador: Cindy Villaseñor

Get to know Cindy Villaseñor - an advocate for low-waste living and avid camper, hiker, and outdoor adventurer.
Meet ENO Ambassador: Cindy Villaseñor

Say hey to ENO Ambassador, Cindy Villaseñor! She's new to hammocking, but an experienced hiker, camper, explorer. She strives to live a low-waste lifestyle and shares her sustainable ideas and swaps on her social channels. If she's not on the trail or traveling, you'll likely find her in her garden or playing with her cat, Milo. Here's more about Cindy... 

Where are you located? 

In Los Angeles, born and raised! 

Cindy poses for a picture while sitting in front of a canyon of red rocks.

How did you get interested in the outdoors? Why do you think time outside is important? 

Well it's a semi-long story haha, but I'm going to keep it short. It started with an environmental science course I took at my community college, a class that really opened my eyes. For our spring break we went on a week long road/camping trip, visiting a couple of different sites learning about water shortage-seeing the aftermath of Owens Valley being drained thanks to LADWP, and a visit to Lake Mead. But it also included visiting some cool eco-structures and simply enjoying the outdoors. 

This showed me the importance of being outside- to enjoy these outdoor spaces, disconnect, and how healing it can be for our mental health. 

What are your favorite outdoor activities? 

I love going camping! But also hiking, biking, and gardening! 

Cindy dumping compost into a pile in her backyard.

What is your favorite 12 oz beverage to keep in the stash pocket of your hammock?

Iced vanilla latte with oat milk in my reusable cup. :) 

What is your history with ENO gear? 

Well I have always said I was going to get myself an ENO hammock. It started when I went to an REI garage sale several years ago and bought some straps for the hammock I didn’t have yet! 

Favorite ENO product(s)? 

The DoubleNest Hammock

Fun Fact? 

Hmm, well I used to be a long-distance runner. For 9 straight years, I ran the LA Marathon so I was always training with my Students Run LA group. :)

Best advice you were ever given?

You are more than capable of doing it/accomplishing it (whatever it may be) when you put your mind to it. 

Cindy's Gear Closet

  • DoubleNest Hammock (Cedar/Marine) 
  • Atlas Hammock Straps
  • Kanga Sling (Moss) 
  • Lounger DL Chairs

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Follow along to learn more low-waste living tips and tag along on Cindy's camping and hiking adventures at @cerowastecindy on Instagram or her website

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