Meet ENO Ambassador: Nick Brooks

Meet Nick Brooks - a family camper, DEI advocate, outdoor educator, and beer enthusiast. He is passionate about his love for the outdoors and sharing his knowledge with people who are new to recreating outside.
Meet ENO Ambassador: Nick Brooks

Say hey to ENO Ambassador, Nick Brooks! He always keeps at least 4 hammocks and straps in his vehicle to be ready whenever the opportunity to hang out presents itself. Nick enjoys sharing his love of the outdoors with his family of four. He is a DEI advocate and committed to getting more people outside by educating beginner campers on the fundamental skills and knowledge to have an enjoyable camping experience. He is also a Boy Scout Troop Leader. Crack open a cold one, and get to know Nick...

Where are you located?

Atlanta, GA

How did you get interested in the outdoors?

My father, an Eagle Scout, introduced me to the outdoors at an early age. We did all things outdoors including camping, backpacking, canoeing, fishing, sailing, horseback riding, and traveling all over GA in his CJ7 Jeep.

A man holds his catch by the lake shore with a line of trees behind him.

Why do you think time outside is important?

I think it’s great to be able to leave the city, unplug, and explore the outdoors. 

What are your favorite outdoor activities?

Backpacking, fly fishing, overlanding, and family camping.

What is your favorite 12 oz beverage to keep in the stash pocket of your hammock? 

A cold beer! 

A family poses for a photo while swimming in a lake

What is your history with ENO gear?

I found myself frequently surrounded by ENO hammocks. So many of my friends had them but I was hesitant to get into them because I was always afraid I would fall. Then one weekend my family and I joined another family on a camping trip and they had two DoubleNest Hammocks. All of the kids were using them so I figured “why not!” They were so comfortable I went home and ordered one immediately. 

Favorite ENO product(s)? 

The Outdoor Afro DoubleNest Hammock Print

Fun Fact? 

I’ll give you two… I am a triplet and I’m and elementary music teacher by day!

Best advice you were ever given? 

Don't let people write your story, do it yourself!


Nick's Gear Closet

DoubleNest Print - Outdoor Afro 

Lounger DL Chair - Seafoam + Olive

Roan Rolltop Pack - Black + Moss

TrailFlyer Outdoor Game

FieldDay Blanket - Tundra

ProFly Tarp - Charcoal

Stay Connected

You can follow along with Nick's outdoor adventures and favorite brews at @outdoorgearandbeer.

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