Urban Hammocking and Finding the Perfect Hang

Urban Camping

So…you live in a big city and think there’s nowhere to hammock?  Think again!

Sometimes the best place to hammock is the place where no one else thinks is possible.  I recently took a trip to Chicago where I packed my SingleNest Hammock and Atlas Straps. As we stayed in the city, it was not obvious where we could hammock but after a little bit of searching we found some great spots.

What I love about urban hammocking is the dynamic between the natural, relaxing feeling of being in a hammock but being surrounded by the busy city and its infrastructure at the same time.  There are rules and regulations for many city areas so we had to be sure we were being careful where we hung them so that we did not get in trouble.

If you find a spot outside the city or within it, take time to hang and listen.  You will be surprised at what sounds you may have missed over the past weeks, months and years.  Even in the hustle and bustle, take time to listen in on things that you may not have heard before.  Listen to birds, passing trains, kids playing, planes overhead and other everyday noises.

When you live in the city it may take a little more exploration to find your spot to hang, but if you do a little bit of searching you will find where you can kick back, relax and enjoy a great time.  Once you find that spot, be sure to take a friend or two every so often!

For those of you who are looking to escape urban life, here are some great resources to locate nearby parks online:

  1. Nature Find
  2. America’s State Parks
  3. National Park Service

Happy Hammocking!


by Jon DeMeo

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