5 Reasons Hammocks Are The Best Camping Tools

5 Reasons Hammocks Are The Best Camping Tools
During a recent outing with friends to go fishing on a local island, I discovered that hammocks are truly the best item you can have for camping. Beating out tents and chairs, hammocks are king when it comes to camping in total comfort.

After discussing with other camping enthusiasts, here are the reasons why:


The Level of Comfort

Hammocks offer a unique way to sleep. Unlike tents, you’re not stuck laying on the ground, and you can sleep comfortably off of the cold hard ground that will leave you waking up with a sore back. So while your friends are asleep on the ground, you can sleep in your hammock and know you’ll wake up refreshed.


Ease of Transport

Hammocks are light, with ENO’s DoubleNest weighing only 19oz! You can hike further, longer, and never get tired carrying this awesome item! It wont wear you down on your camping trip and is great for when you already have way too much gear with you, especially if you’re an overpacker like me.


Only Bring What You Need

Hammocks are very customizable. If you are going for an overnight camp on a night when you know there wont be bugs or rain, you can leave your bugnet and rain fly behind. This reduces the weight you’re carrying, meaning there is no extra gear to have laying around.


Smaller Footprint

Traditional tents and chairs that you might bring camping are very disruptive to the natural environment. Hammocks hang above the forest floor, leaving it mostly intact if you are careful and follow rules to respect the area you’re in such as the ones from Leave No Trace. This means that you are able to preserve the environment that we love for others to enjoy.


Multiple Uses

Hammocks can take the place of more than one item you might normally bring camping. You might normally bring a chair and tent with you when you head out to camp, but the hammock can take the place of both of these items, meaning you have less gear, less stress, and more time for fun.


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