Three Tips for New Hammockers

Three Tips for New Hammockers
Hammocks have recently exploded into the market recently for backpackers, travelers, outdoorsmen, and backyard users.  Thanks to their versatility, popularity is growing as people continue to buy hammocks.

If you’re like me, you bought one and either brought it home that day or waited anxiously for it to arrive in the mail.  You may have read or seen a video on how to properly set one up so you can use it right way, but when I got mine I just went for it and tried to set it up without previous instruction.  Here are three tips I wish I had known before attempting to hang for the first time:


Strap Height

This is the most important tip that I wish I had known.  How high up on a tree you attach the straps at does matter.  My first attempt ever to set up a hammock was about 5 minutes after UPS dropped it off, and it ended with me laying on our deck  since the straps were so low to the ground, and the natural sag led me to the ground the second I laid in the hammock.  Always great for your head.


Distance Matters

How far apart you set your hammock straps up combined with the height can play a key role in your comfort.  Make sure your straps’ anchor points are far enough apart that you will be able to lay with a slight bend in the hammock.


Size Matters, too

Wanting extra room, I bout an ENO DoubleNest Hammock for only $10 more than a SingleNest.  Although it is very roomy and comfortable with just one person in it, I have found that if I lay down, the hammock sides are actually able to come over me.  This can be both good and bad because I can easily hide from the sun, but when laying with friends out camping or hanging out, I pretty much have to sit up in the hammock in order to see anyone.  This may just be a personal complaint, but I am not sure if it would still happen in the SingleNest.

These three tips are ones I wish I had known before I started hammocking.  I hope this helps everyone get out and hammock with their friends, enjoy the outdoors, and sway with the breeze.


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