25 Things to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

ENO is celebrating 25 years of relaxation and adventure. Along this wild ride, we’ve discovered some big and small ways to explore. Add these 25 things to your summer bucket list for a guaranteed memorable summer. 
25 Things to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

25 Years of Adventure

Over the last 25 years, we've grown from slinging hammocks out of a van at community gatherings and festivals to the global brand you know today. We've explored from mountains to sea and everywhere in between.

Along the way, we’ve discovered some soul-filling adventures we think you’d like to add to your summer bucket list.

Not every adventure has to be epic. Some can be right in your own backyard. No matter the scale of your adventure, we hope these bucket list ideas will help you have a summer to remember.  


A woman lays in her SuperSub Hammock after a bike ride. The photo is taken above with a drone



1) Explore your city, town, or surrounding nature by bike 

Bikes are the perfect way to explore. You can pick your pace, soak it all in, and cover a lot of ground. From trail to town, hop on your bike and see what new things you notice in a place you’re familiar with. 

If you’re trying to keep things light, the ENO SuperSub Hammock and Helios Hammock Straps together weigh only 14.1 oz and pack down small. They make a great travel hammock for mid or post-ride relaxation. 


2) Go rock climbing 

Rock climbing is one of those addictive hobbies. It is a mental and physical challenge that forces you to be present in your body and mind. Whether you prefer the gym or climbing outside, make time this summer to give that route you’ve been eyeing a try. 

For climbing enthusiasts, check out the Boulder DoubleNest Hammock Print. This double hammock design was inspired by climbing routes and the angular geometry of natural rock formations. 


A man lays in his hammock and under a tarp while hiking the Art Loeb Trail in Wester North Carolina



3) Hammock camp on the Art Loeb (or a trail near you)

The Art Loeb is one of our favorite trails here in Western North Carolina, so much so we wrote a whole guide about hammock camping on the Art Loeb. But, any trail near you will do!

If you haven’t tried hammock camping while on a backpacking trip - you may learn you prefer sleeping in a hammock over a tent. Hammock camping is lightweight, and if you’re in a heavily wooded area, it can be easier to find two trees than a flat, dry piece of land for your tent. 

Check out our SubLink Ultralight Hammock System for everything you need for a comfortable night on the trail. 


4) Picnic with every view you can

Where are our fellow foodies at? We challenge you to have as many picnics as possible. See how many diverse settings you can check off: mountain bald, open prairie, lakeside, desert, or in a coastal cove. 

Grab some cheap groceries, lay down your packable Islander Blanket and you’re set for a good time.


5) Road trip

Load the car, pick a destination as close or as far as you’re willing to venture, and drive. Listen to an audiobook, your favorite podcast, or a throwback playlist to make the journey more fun. Bonus points if you use an old-school road atlas over your phone for route finding.


6) Pick fresh fruit 

Eating seasonally just tastes better. Even more so when you pick it yourself. Depending on where you live, May is best for strawberries, pick cherries in June, peaches in July, and blueberries in August. 


A woman sits in an ENO DoubleNest Hammock Print while watching a concert at a music festival


7) Go to a concert or music festival  

A summer would not be complete without going to see live music. Pick your favorite artist coming through town, or a multi-day music festival to see a bunch of artists you like. Your ENO DoubleNest Hammock Print is the perfect place to jam out during the day and rest under the stars. 


8) Visit the nearest beach, river, or lake and try a water sport

Playing in water makes you feel like a kid again. Spend a day surfing at the beach, tubing down the river, kayaking on a nearby lake, or wading in a creek. If you don’t have the gear needed, look up local businesses that offer rentals or ask a friend to borrow their gear. 


9) Have a read-a-thon at home 

Scrolling mindlessly on your phone is OUT, read-a-thons are IN. Grab a book, or three, set up your indoor hammock using your Deluxe Hammock Hanging Kit, and snuggle in to make some serious progress on your yearly reading goal. 


10) Birdwatching with morning coffee

Birds are most active in the mornings, so this one requires an early wake up call. 

Grab a cup of joe, your binoculars, and your bird identifier app. Grab a seat on your porch and tune in. How many different birds can you see and hear? 


A couple sits in Lounger GL chairs by a lake as it gets dark so they can stargaze.


11) Stargaze with your crush 

Looking up at the vast universe brings perspective to your life. We are so small in this very big world. The Lounger GL Chair is our pick for a night under the stars. Rest comfortably on the ground and look up at the sky with the back support you need.  


12) Give your pet their perfect day 

Your furry friend deserves it. Go for a long hike with your dog, pick out a new toy for your cat at the pet store, get a pup cup, or invite friends to play with your pet at home. Whatever would make their day better, chances are, it will make you feel pretty good too. 


13) Backyard bonfire with friends

Ask deep questions, share ghost stories, roast weenies, and make s’mores. Bonfires are an inexpensive way to spend time together, and quite literally *sparks* the best conversations. Just make sure to check any local fire regulations. 

The Lounger DL Chair is the best hammock chair on the market. But watch out, they’re so comfortable, someone might nod off for a quick snooze. 


14) Host a craft party

Allow yourself to make something just for the joy of doing it, not for any “productive” reason. You don’t have to be good at something to enjoy it. 

If you want a purpose for your art, you can always gift your project to a loved one. (They’ll love it, we promise). Homemade cards, art, or decor always feel more special than something you buy from a store. 


An ENO Hammock is seen in the bed of the canoe as a group of friends run on shore in the background


15) Canoe camp in the Boundary Waters 

This idea came from one of our content creators who captured the ultimate summer adventure canoe camping in The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness loaded up with ENO hammocks. He even wrote a blog about it if you’re planning a trip there. 


16) Attend a trivia night

Trivia is a fun, low-stakes way to meet new people and test your obscure knowledge. Join in on a themed or general trivia night at your local brewery or restaurant, and you might even score a gift card if you win.


17) Go to a drive-in movie 

Trick out your trunk with Twilights Camp Lights and catch a movie the old-fashioned way. Load up on popcorn and candy and pretend like it’s the 50s. 


18) Go to a sporting event or join a sports league

Embrace your inner child by joining a pickup basketball, softball, or volleyball team. If you’re more of a watcher, go see a game! Nothing beats the atmosphere of a baseball stadium or the sidelines of a rec soccer game. 


A man lays in his DoubleNest Hammock while watching the sunset near a lake



19) Catch the sunrise or sunset with your DoubleNest Hammock 

Find your favorite hammock trees and wake up or wind down in nature. Check in with your five senses to be fully present in the moment, and make it more memorable. 


20) Volunteer in your community 

Giving back feels good. You can volunteer for an organization like your local food pantry or humane society, or even just pick up trash on your next hike. ENO Packable Totes make for the perfect reusable bag to collect trash. Don’t overcomplicate the simple joy of volunteering your time. 


21) Host a cookout in the park with friends 

Everyone loves a park party. Keep the menu classic - burgers and dogs - and have everyone pitch in a side. Soon, you’ll have a feast with all your favorite people. Bring your Lounger SL Chairs, hang up some ENO double hammocks, and people will be so comfortable, they’ll never want to leave. 


22) Buy (or swap with a friend) a new plant to nurture

Practice your ability to help something grow by getting a new houseplant. It’s a daily joy to watch something grow that you helped take care of. Plus it’s a good marker in time. Summer of 2024, the year you bought that snake plant. Best summer yet. 


Two boys sit in a SuperNest SL Hammock near a pool on a hot summer day.



23) Pool day

A good pool day can’t be beat. Most public pools have a low entry fee for the day, so you can relax, stress-free, poolside. Pack your pool necessities like snacks, sunscreen, a towel, a book, or a magazine in your Relay Tote, and let the hours slip away. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, consider adding the SuperNest SL Hammock and SoloPod XL Hammock Stand. The SuperNest SL Hammock has breathable mesh, making it an ideal backyard hammock for warm summer days. Together, they make the perfect hammock with stand to elevate your relaxation.


24) Book the trip

This is your sign to book the trip you’ve been putting off. Far or near, this is the summer we make the trips a reality. Don’t forget your travel hammock to relax along the way. 


25) Make a photo album of your adventures from the summer

Be sure to document as you check off your adventures. Then print off your pictures and make an album you can look back on for years to come. There is something so satisfying about printed photos. 


Whether you choose to pursue an adventure-packed summer or want to keep it more low-key, we hope you found one idea on this list to pursue this summer. Thanks for your support of ENO over these last 25 years. It has shaped us into the brand we are today.

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