Meet the Artist Behind the Day to Night DoubleNest Hammock Print, Logan Hall

Get to know the artist behind the Day to Night DoubleNest Hammock Print, Logan Hall. This trippy design mirrors a day and night landscape filled with happy trout, fruiting mushrooms, lush flowers, rolling hills, and sun and moonscapes.
Meet the Artist Behind the Day to Night DoubleNest Hammock Print, Logan Hall

Meet Logan Hall

Based in our vibrant hometown of Asheville, NC, artist and musician Logan Hall has an iconic style that transcends the music and design industries. Best known for his creative brand design and dynamic illustrations for music festivals, Logan Hall creates visual experiences that wrap you up in nostalgia and delight.

Day to Night marks ENO's 25th Anniversary, featuring a limited-edition custom label celebrating the occasion and only available at

Inspired by ENO’s history of attending community gatherings and music festivals, Day to Night captures the blissful feeling of jamming to music under blue skies and relaxing under the stars. As a musician and groovy artist, we knew Logan would be the perfect fit to bring this design concept to life. 




Q: Who are you and where are you based? 

I’m an Asheville, NC-based graphic designer, illustrator, and owner of Logarhythm Creative. I’m also a musician in the band Pink Beds. 


Q: What is your mission? 

Logarhythm Creative is dedicated to infusing every project with a vibrant rhythm, unique style, and innovation. Our mission is to craft concept-driven creative and visually stunning designs that captivate, inspire, and leave a lasting impression. We strive to amplify the voices of our clients, transforming their visions into dynamic visual experiences that groove with authenticity and charm.


Q: How long have you been a creative? What medium do you specialize in? How did your artist journey start?

Loaded question! I’ve been practicing independently for 4.5 years on my own as Logarhythm Creative. Before this, I worked at various in-house and agency Art Director and Designer roles to hone my chops. My work focuses on Brand Identity, Graphic Design, and Illustration. I try to blur the line between illustration and design for a lot of the projects I get called upon. 

Before my professional endeavors, I studied Graphic Design at Appalachian State and hold a BFA in GD. I grew up in Western North Carolina, and am truly lucky to have found art and design at an early-ish age. A local business sponsored a Graphic Design program at my high school and we were the only one of four high schools in the county to have such a program. There, I first learned graphic design and digital illustration techniques and principles, and that the field was a vital asset that every business, ever, needed. 

I can accredit being a young music lover, then turned musician, for my first realization and love of visual art. So much of an album is the pairing of cover artwork to the music and I was always drawn and blown away by album covers from the 60s and 70s, even at an early age of 4th or 5th grade. I had never heard the word “design” in my small-town world or had any concept of fine art, but I knew two things. I want to make those things, and I want a guitar.


Logan Hall sits at his desk while looking through design elements for his print Day to Night

Q: Please describe your design process, from idea to conception. 

This varies based on the type of project, and there’s never one set or right path for anything creative. 

For illustrative projects, as a general rule, I like to ideate concepts before ever putting pen to paper to sketch anything. Technically speaking, I’ve adopted sketching inside Procreate on iPad for ease and speed. I’ll often create individual illustrations or design elements/assets in a raw black-and-white format there, and bounce them into Illustrator on the Macbook. There I will refine the form, give assets color, and craft the composition. I typically vectorize illustrations, as seen in the hammock design, since they’ll be scaled up a ton from the size I make them in. 


Q: What makes this print concept special? What is the story behind your design?

ENO, in general, invokes nostalgia and fond memories of lounging around at mountainous outdoor music festivals such as FloydFest and MerleFest. The latter is hosted in my hometown. 

Day to Night was initially inspired by the two uses of a hammock at an outdoor music festival - naptime and bedtime. 

I wanted to convey that special feeling and the joy that can be found at every turn at an outdoor music festival, within an outdoor scene that’s not specific to music. 

A river bed with trout swimming upstream is the bed of the hammock, which splits two sides of the hammock into Day and Night. Rolling mountains offer a safe protective barrier on your sides while flowers and mushrooms grow on a ridgeline greeting you, and sun and moonscapes flank the top portions of the hammock high above your head. 


A woman sits in a Day to Night Hammock while at a music festival

Q: Why do you want to collaborate with ENO? 

Other than the nostalgia that I have for ENO through festival experiences, ENO hammocks are the one item I find synonymous with my Appalachian State University experience. They were everywhere and were perfect for every occasion. Hour break between classes? Hammock on the Mall. Sunset hike with your crew? You know the ENO is getting thrown in the car. ENO is a household name for hammocks like Kleenex to tissue, and I’ve always known your products to be of the highest quality. I want to stand by a fellow WNC company that holds the highest standards and has the coolest products! 


Q: Who was in mind when designing this hammock? What message do you hope this hammock resonates with the user? 

I want this design to invoke a nostalgic outdoors memory, as it did with me when creating it, and then inspire them to get out and create another. 


To reminisce under blue skies, relax into the stars, and celebrate our 25th anniversary - shop Day to Night. You can keep up with Logan on his website


a Day to Night Hammock Stuff Sack and Atlas Hammock Straps lays inside an open guitar case


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