Get to Know the Artist Behind ENO's Newest DoubleNest® Print Hammock, Nature Talk

Get to know Hannah Eddy, the artist behind our newest DoubleNest Hammock Print, Nature Talk. Her colorful, bold, imaginative work encourages positivity and inspires an appreciation for nature and community.
Get to Know the Artist Behind ENO's Newest DoubleNest® Print Hammock, Nature Talk

Meet Hannah Eddy

Based out of Reno, Nevada, Hannah Eddy is an artist and muralist who is best known for her colorful, bold, and imaginative work. Her art encourages positivity and balance in life, and an appreciation for nature, connection, and community. Through her paintings, illustrations and murals, she aims to help inspire her fellow humans to pick up a board, hop on a bike, feel the wind, laugh at stuff, appreciate the funkiness in nature, or just give a hoot about each other and our planet. 


Hannah Eddy x ENO Collaboration from ENO | Eagles Nest Outfitters on Vimeo.


Hannah designed Nature Talk, a print that joined our DoubleNest Hammock Print collection in 2023. This colorful and imaginative blend of plants, animals, and landscapes immerses you in a conversation with nature. 

Let's get to know Hannah and her design, Nature Talk, a little better.


Hannah Eddy holds the Nature Talk hammock stuff sack in her hands as she smiles at the camera.


Q: How long have you been a creative? Did you always want to be an artist? 

A: I've been making art and expressing myself creatively as long as I can remember. I've always felt the need to create art and have an outlet for doing what I'm inspired to do. I feel super lucky to have been able to continue that and keep art a priority in my life. 

Q: Please describe your design process for this print, from idea to conception. 

A: The main inspiration for Nature Talk was a conversation with nature. I love to just sit in the middle of the woods while out on a hike or camping and soak it all in. Setting up a hammock is the perfect excuse to just kick back, hang out for a bit, and really look at your surroundings. I took this concept and made a few sketch ideas. Working with the ENO crew helped me dial in the final design. This was super fun because I don’t often do these full repeating print designs. Matching up the illustration to work as a repeat pattern presented its challenges, and I love a good challenge. I’m super happy with how it all came together and how the repeating pattern keeps your eyes moving throughout the design.


A first person-perspective sitting in the Nature Talk hammock.


Q: What are your biggest visual inspirations? 

A: I like to create art that combines mountains, plants, and animals all at about the same scale. This helps me not highlight a single element, but to emphasize the importance of every aspect of nature.

Q: What is the meaning, significance, or story behind the design? 

A: Sometimes you just have to hang out with nature. When you’re in the moment out in nature you can zoom in and notice the little bugs and flowers, or zoom out and appreciate a vast landscape. I wanted to evoke that feeling of presence in this design.


A person holds the Nature Talk Hammock stuff sack while also holding their skateboard.


Q: What are your favorite outdoor activities? 

A: Skateboarding, snowboarding, and mountain biking in no particular order.

Q: Why did you want to collaborate with ENO? 

A: I’ve been using ENO hammocks for over ten years now. I love to bike pack and backpack and having a hammock with me is the ultimate treat. As much as I love to get out there and push myself physically, I love just as much to fully relax and hang out.


A group of friends talk and hangout in the Hannah Eddy Nature Talk DoubleNest Print Hammock


Q: How is this print related to the outdoors?

A: There is a female character inside this world where all parts of the outdoors are intertwined and connected. She is totally immersed in it and part of nature. When we all remember that we are part of nature, maybe that’s when we will take better care of our planet.

Q: What's the soundtrack to this design? 

A: "Impression" by Sugar Candy Mountain

To begin your conversation with nature, please visit our DoubleNest Hammock Print pageYou can keep up with Hannah on Instagram, or visit her website

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