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I have good news with everyone. Music festival season is upon us! Thank goodness. Back to sunny days outside (with the occasional crazy festival storm) and the sweet sounds of loud live music.
With more people getting out and enjoying our wild places, there is increased impact on the places we travel. As good steward of our public lands we need to take steps to reduce our impact and take care of the places we play. Hammocks are a prime examples of minimum impact shelters. 
The amazing Sub Series hammocks (the Sub6 and SuperSub) use an aluminum toggle system to connect seamlessly with the Helios Series straps! Our ultralight hammocks use these toggles in the place of carabiners, to minimize pack weight while maximizing security.
Find a Trail That Has Water Find a trail with water I just can’t stress this enough when backpacking with your dog, It’s not only a great way for your dog to cool off but also to catch a drink or for you to refill waters.
Hanging out in a hammock to my surprise brings new opportunities. I was on mine and was asked what kind of hammock I was in; they had only ever seen rope-hammocks. Needless to say, hanging up an ENO in a common area opens the opportunity for meeting new people and enjoying the moment.
One food choice that I am never disappointed with is a slice of pizza. I enjoy trying pizza from all around the country and world wherever my travels take me. When I head to the outdoors, I bring my favorite food with me, in a different form!
The first time you head out to camp with only your hammock, you may be slightly intimidated and wondering how well it is going to work and if you are going to get any sleep. There is one piece of gear that will help make your first trip successful. That piece of gear is the ENO DryFly. This packs down into its own sack and allows you to pack it in your bag wherever your adventure takes you. Even if you don’t expect rain, having a covering over you when you hammock helps keep off bugs, leaves and the morning dew. I like the DryFly over the ProFly because it secures down in two more spots than the ProFly which makes it more stable and gives you a little more coverage. The first time I set it up, I learned a few tricks that helped and some items that you need to have with you to make it work properly. It took me about 15 minutes to set this up the first time since I had to orient myself to the process and do some trial and error. It does help to have a partner to set this up with,...
For those of us in high school or college, midterms are already on their way and the pressure is on. This means it is time to buckle down and study. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but studying doesn’t have to be torture! Spice things up a little! Mix business with pleasure and try studying in your ENO hammock for a change. Making the transition from desk to hammock can be a little challenging at first. You’ll likely look clumsy, feel awkward, and possibly want to ditch this manner of studying altogether! Once you get the hang of it, (pun intended) you will find your ENO to be a great place to get work done! For those first time hammock studiers, here are some tips to make you the most studious ENOpian around, and the envy of all your peers. Sit perpendicular to the lay of the hammock. If you just lay down, it is hard to read, nearly impossible to write, and can be stressful on your neck. Also, sitting like this allows you to easily prop your book or laptop in your lap, and talk with those around you if you’re hammocking in a group. If you...
Although you may not live in a tropical paradise or on a large estate, making your backyard feel inviting and fun isn’t as hard as it may seem. It also provides a great area for your kids or guests to enjoy, and can increase the value of your home! Below are 5 ways to create a better outdoor living space!

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