This past weekend I explored a new hike in Yosemite National Park! I hiked to two beautiful lookout spots off of Glacier Road: Sentinel Dome and Taft Point.
With mountainous landscapes and historical hill forts aplenty, Scotland is a country that’s awash with adventure and exciting hotspots to explore.
Fall may have only just begun, but it’s about time to start planning winter trips.For the outdoorsy types who don’t mind foregoing a tropical beach-oriented vacation during the colder months, Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park surprisingly has a lot to offer.
Northern New England is home to countless hiking trails, many of which are popular destinations for day hikers from all over the region. A typical summer day on Mt. Washington, Katahdin or anywhere in Acadia National Park will be teeming with fellow hikers and tourists.
Traveling with friends and family is always fun, but traveling alone is where it’s at. I have never felt more brave, smart, beautiful, and adventurous than when traveling alone.
The Oregon coast has a lot to offer, and The Devil’s Punchbowl is just one chill amazing stop right off the road.
Want adventure, incredible views, and a connection with nature? Look no further than the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
I have been visiting Helen, GA since I was a kid. It is a quaint little German-themed town nestled in North Georgia. You can “Shoot the Hooch”, fly fish, camp, shop, hike to Anna Ruby Falls, or just enjoy a nice lunch by the river.
During a recent outing with friends to go fishing on a local island, I discovered that hammocks are truly the best item you can have for camping. Beating out tents and chairs, hammocks are king when it comes to camping in total comfort. After discussing with other camping enthusiasts, here are the reasons why.

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